“I absolutely love Dana’s prenatal yoga class in Crystal Lake. She creates a warm environment in which expectant mother can share their experiences with their pregnancies. The atmosphere is playful and supportive, I find myself smiling through most of the entire class. I am also a yoga instructor and she has inspired many of my classes in the past few weeks! I highly recommend Sweet Feet Yoga; the strength and support of the community of women is fantastic.”

Laura S. Prenatal

“I like yoga because I like to do the poses. It makes me feel happy.”

Jilly N. age 7

“One of the best decisions that I ever made as a parent was taking my boys to Dana’s yoga classes ever since they were babies.”

Tara D.

“Sweet Feet Yoga is so much fun! I love being with my kids and teaching them techniques for exercises they can use their whole life! We love the singing, the poses, the people, the community! I love the prenatal yoga too, it has helped me stay fit and ready for baby! Highly recommend!”

Megan H. Prenatal and Tots

“Yoga is a way to help me relax at the end of a week. It makes me release all my worries and troubles. It is also a fun way to practice balance and believing in yourself that you can do what comes your way. Dana is my yoga teacher and there is no other person that I would want to be my teacher but her. She understands what is going on in our lives and lets us be ourselves.”

Catie N. age 13

“I have attended classes at Sweet Feet Yoga since before my daughter was born, since I first enrolled in a pre-natal yoga class. The pre-natal class was VERY helpful in preparing for childbirth, and I spent a significant amount of my labor in table pose! We began attending the Baby & Me class when my daughter was six weeks old, and it was a wonderful to learn how to interact with her in ways that promoted her growth and development, and also helped with ideas to soothe her tummy when she had gas. We have continued in Sweet Feet Yoga and currently participate in the Babies & Tots class. She loves to move to the music, stretch her body, and interact with the other children. She is now showing what she has learned in Sweet Feet Yoga in her daily life – I saw her doing fish pose yesterday!”

Lanaya E. Prenatal, Baby & Me, Babies & Tots

“I am thankful that anytime Eleanor was/is unhappy as an infant, and now into her toddler years , I can sing a song from yoga, or ask her to do a pose and she almost instantly snaps out of her unhappiness and into the confident happy little lady that she is. I know that the comfort Eleanor gets from being in yoga and having yoga as part of her weekly routine is much appreciated, her smile tells me so! As a mother I enjoy the new ideas that I learn from Dana. Little things like putting towels on the floor to skate like penguins… Blowing on our hands to feel the hot and cold breath we are able to make… Amazing ideas come to me weekly after visiting with Dana at Sweet Feet Yoga 🙂 Eleanor and I are very lucky to have Dana in our life! Thank you for offering this amazing program that little ones can constantly grow. We love it!”

Stevie T. Baby & Me, Tots, Tykes

“I love the prenatal class!! Dana is a terrific teacher who creates a comfortable, fun and supportive environment that I look forward to each week. I feel more empowered and relaxed each time I leave her class. I would highly recommend this class to all mamas-to-be. The support of other pregnant women in class, the knowledge Dana provides and confidence you gain throughout the experience is priceless! So glad Sweet Feet Yoga is part of my pregnancy journey!”

Emily H. Baby & Me, Tots, Tykes

“The tyke class was amazing! It was a really nice bonding time for my daughter and I, and started off our week on the right note.”

Amy F. Tykes

“Sweet Feet Yoga is awesome! Dana is amazing with the children and is able to engage 24 toddlers all at once. It is so sweet to hear our students chant “yoga! yoga!” when they see Dana enter our school!”

Lillian M. Montessori Preschool

“One morning my daughter got up and I could tell she was tired. She literally in front of my eyes got down in a child’s pose and did almost a complete sun salutation – got up – looked at me and said – ‘AHH that felt SO good.’.I could NOT believe it! HOW POWEREFUL is that!!!”

Carla W. Kids & Tweens