at Sweet Feet Yoga, we inspire and empower kids and families in every stage of life, helping them to reconnect and truly be the best that they can be!

breathe, visualize, move, bond, and play!


Sweet Feet Yoga began in 2006 originally bringing yoga to babies and toddlers in Iowa City. My have we grown…now bringing yoga to children before birth (Prenatal Yoga) through adult-hood!

We first opened within Robinson Family Wellness as Eastern Iowa’s first yoga studio dedicated to kids and families in 2010. We have now moved to Crystal Lake, IL and are in several locations in the area!

meet dana

Dana Robinson (E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT) loves working with pregnant mamas to help them realize the full strength and wonder of their own beautiful bodies. She also has over five hundred hours of specialized training in children’s yoga and 10 years experience with teaching yoga to families and children from birth through high school.

WHY Yoga?

Yoga is popping up everywhere, but WHY?

Yoga is beneficial for everyone! Yoga helps us to connect body, mind, and soul to ourselves and those around us in this busy, technical, fast-paced world. It can help babies digest and sleep better, toddlers learn how to self-regulate and calm themselves, kids & tweens to focus and be flexible in their mind and body, and help pregnant women strengthen beneficial muscles and feel empowered while also helping them to relax, breathe, and connect to their little one. Plus, yoga is FUN for everyone!

“I absolutely love Dana’s prenatal yoga class in Crystal Lake. She creates a warm environment in which expectant mother can share their experiences with their pregnancies. The atmosphere is playful and supportive, I find myself smiling through most of the entire class.”

Laura S. Prenatal

“One of the best decisions that I ever made as a parent was taking my boys to Dana’s yoga classes ever since they were babies.”

Tara D.

“Yoga is a way to help me relax at the end of a week. It makes me release all my worries and troubles. It is also a fun way to practice balance and believing in yourself. Dana is my yoga teacher and there is no other person that I would want to be my teacher but her. She understands what is going on in our lives and lets us be ourselves.”

Catie N. age 13

“I like yoga because I like to do the poses. It makes me feel happy.”

Jilly N. age 7

“Sweet Feet Yoga is so much fun! I love being with my kids and teaching them techniques for exercises they can use their whole life! We love the singing, the poses, the people, the community! I love the prenatal yoga too, it has helped me stay fit and ready for baby! Highly recommend!”

Megan H. Prenatal and Tots

“I love the prenatal class!! Dana is a terrific teacher who creates a comfortable, fun and supportive environment that I look forward to each week. I feel more empowered and relaxed each time I leave her class. I would highly recommend this class to all mamas-to-be.”

Emily H. Prenatal, Baby + Me

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Akasha Yoga Center

121 N. Main St.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Immanuel Lutheran School

300 Pathway Ct.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Akasha Yoga Center

121 N. Main St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Immanuel Lutheran School

300 Pathway Ct.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014